Saturday, January 28, 2023

In his unsealed celibacy
Francis did not deny love
or try to force it,
but let it squeeze itself 
into all forms and beyond.

The wet dream, 
from which he woke
in red stained stigma,
promised the consummation
his hungry heart had courted.

A lover's juice
oozed from hands,
feet and side,
a once invisible ink,
legible at last.

Sister Death and Francis,
engaged since birth,
completed kept love.

Like a Jewish groom's
crystal crushing step,
they smashed the glass
that separates.

At Death's patient urging,
Francis broke her bloody seal,
bled himself into the waiting womb
of the Universe.

* hymeneal: (hy mun NEE al) a wedding poem or song

March 28, 1988