Saturday, January 28, 2023

Roll out of bed, feet on the floor,
put on my hat, head out the door,
work, work, work, then what do I do
A Lone Star beer and bourbon too.

I do my best and work all day,
no matter what it ain’t okay.
What do I do when I mess up?
A Lone Star draft and a bourbon up.

Out on the job each day at eight,
play by the rules, do it straight.
What I need when I get the shaft
is bourbon up and Lone Star draft.

I do it hard, I do it right,
makes me nothing but real up tight.
Don't gimme pity or shed a tear,
gimme bourbon up and Lone Star beer.

Watch everything that's on TV.
I know what they want me to be
with a big home and fancy car.
Gimme a shot and cold Lone Star.

Hustlin' for American dreams
nothin' comes up the way it seems.
I'm tired of going for the bait.
Gimme a Star and bourbon straight.

They will promise you wealth and fame
if you put out and play their game.
Aint nothin' left when they get through
but bourbon up and Lone Star brew.

I'm go'n to find a way to work
where I don't have to be a jerk
before I've gone and drunk and laughed
with bourbon up and Lone Star draft.

Come time to die and go upstairs,
won't be no hassles, be no cares.
Don't need nothin', just fill my cup
with Lone Star draft and bourbon up.

May 11, 1983