Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When the One just was,
before sex or even time,
how did that un-neutered entity
decide to create?

What pondering of possibilities,
foreboding of Frankensteins
weighed in the balance
with being content?

“‘Tis not to be, I question,”
said the One to the nihilic shadow.
“Being is all,
world without end
or beginning.
The dilemma
is whether to do,
to extend:
  eternity to time
  infinity to space
  self into other
  the singular subjective
  into the objective all
the exclusive I
into the inclusive We.”

Better to do nothing
and let nothing be,
thought the shadow,
than by doing
to let our secret go.

The One deliberated,
took a deep breath
and in a big bang
said, “Yes...

Tom Keene