Wednesday, April 08, 2020

(for Yvonne Libertad Sanchez and her son at his baptism.) 

We have baptized you, Natividad:
  Born at Christmas,
  you bear the human heritage.
  The race has spoken again.
  Its word took flesh in you.

We have baptized you, Nekane:
  Emerged at winter solstice,
  you are a new-born sun,
  called to rise from darkest depths,
  ride the heights and
  dare to plumb the dark again.

We have plunged you, Natividad,
  into the death-fraught waters of rebirth.
  What those not yet born regard a curse,
  we bestow as blessing:
 that your belly ever growl for justice,
  your vision ever hunger for wholeness

.We have immersed you, Nekane,
  into a company of commoners,
  a band of seekers,
  whose souls reach to the roots of the race,
  that, with us, you will feel in all,
  no matter the color and tongue,
  our yearning ache in your gut,
  the surge of our bile in your blood.

We have pledged you, Natividad Nekane,
  hijo de Libertad,
  to your destiny.

May 2, 1987