Monday, May 29, 2023

News item, San Antonio, Texas, April 8, 1985

  A hundred cheering Sanctuary supporters at the Greyhound bus station welcomed convicted refugee worker Jack Elder as he arrived to begin a 150-day sentence at a half-way house.
  The well-wishers walked Elder to nearby St. Mary's Catholic Church, where pastor Bill Davis led a thanksgiving prayer service and hosted a breakfast for Elder and his supporters.

Epiphany, Somewhere in the memory of the Sanctuary community,
April 8, 1985

As the curved universe enfolds into itself,
eventually this event forecasts,
indeed, prophesies,
the inevitable turning under,
the incessant subversion.

Laurita says it in her own way,
  "Listen to me, people!"
Her tossing braid,
long, dark, silver-stranded,
is a clue to the revving of internal motors.
  "Now that the city elections are over
  we need to talk to some people
  about making San Antonio a sanctuary.
  And then we want to make some changes at the White House."

Yes, Laurita,
America as sanctuary.
Imagine America:
  not as oppressor of the poor,
  not as number one arms seller,
  not as great grain merchant
  holding hungry bellies hostage,
  but the home of hearts
  whole enough
  not to fear our freedom,
  nor to turn away the stranger,
  so recently executed,
  of whom Father Bill spoke,
  in retelling the story of Emmaus.

April 8, 1985