Monday, May 29, 2023

Here a people and city grew
where water courses through the land.
Here in San Antonio's heart
with buildings, walks and streets I stand.

You'll remember other bridges
for daring length, thin grace of line.
You may not even notice me.
There's not much claim to fame that's mine.

But a hundred men have made me,
each man a lively heart and brain.
With hands and guts of working men,
I'm made with iron, sweat and pain.

Because of them I bear the traffic:
strollers, busses, cars and cargo
between Crockett and College streets
at the river on Navarro.

My sign invites a thought for them,
those hard muscled men who made me.
I'm all they left, but take some time,
ponder the mark they left to see.

You'll find no list of workers' names
on this bolted down metal plate,
just the name of a company
in some far southeastern state.

By Virginia Bridge and Iron:
Built back in nineteen twenty two.
Read it. Know what it really says:
Honor workers for what they do.